Wednesday, February 09, 2011

GameBlog Knicks vs Clippers 2/9/2011

Well, didn't get to the game until 7:45pm, so a little late, but it's a 12-12 game with 7:44 left in the 1st.

*7:50pm - Looks like the Knicks are making the extra effort to get Mozgov the ball. Are they trying to get him to forget what Blake did to him last time?

*7:52pm: Davis with an alley-oop to De'Andre Jordan, followed by a Stoudemire jumper, then a Griffin dunk. Somewhere out there, Bill Simmons is giving a spinning pump fist.

*7:53pm: Stoudemire down, and everyone fears the worst. Just a turned ankle, everyone breathes a huhge sigh of relief... might not be back tonight though. Gallo time

*7:55pm: STAT still in the game, and thank goodness its not Gallo time, as he just blew two layups, then dribbled off his foot.

*8:03pm: In a game of dunks, Shawne Williams just had an alley-oop.... layup.

8:19pm: I give up. The Knicks offensive approach is horrible. Just 3, after 3, after 3... all bricks. And Stat has been out of the game almost the whole 2nd quarter. Not a good sign...

Testing testing 123

Ooooooooh snap. Look who's back! (Thanks to Blogger for Android app) I might attempt a Knicks-clippers liveblog tonight. *Fingers-crossed*

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Poppa's been smooth since days of underoos

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Yeah, so to start with, for month I've been saying I want to be the "Burger King" for Halloween. Well, not anymore. Look to see how much the outfit on EBAY.

Ughhh, it's been a few months now and I still can't get myself to talk about Mason Betha and G-Unit. I just can't understand it. Dude must be scared of the purple crew or something. Here's a link to what continues to confuse me.

Hee hee... In honor of George Takei coming out of the closet, let's all do the Sulu Dance! (Oh My!)

Umm, don't ever, ever, ever buy a Chinese car. They're worse then the pencils! (The JiangLing Landwind was displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show last week and is expected to arrive in British showrooms within months. It is already on sale in Holland, Germany and Belgium and has been billed as the vanguard of a new invasion of Chinese vehicles.The two-ton 4x4 scored zero stars in crash tests last week by the ADAC, the German automobile club, which carries out tests for Euro NCAP. It had a catastrophic result, said a spokesman for the ADAC. In our 20-year history no car has performed as badly.)

Remember Arrested Development comes back on the air November 7th. Please watch people, we can' let this show die. It's just too good.

Any commercial that has a last line like this is worth it.

Ok... since no one reads this... why do I even bother looking for links. I'm done here.